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In the Book of Genesis, the world was made by a dynamic divine force and then on the seventh day, after admiring the creative handiwork, the divine being rested.

Today is the seventh day. I hope that you are starting to wake up your creative self, that the daily prompts are beginning to flow, that your senses are waking up.
You are the creative being, making a world.

Today, you rest.

Oh, you still have a writing prompt. And I hope you will take twenty minutes to grab the tail of the image and write away.

But today is about noticing the way the world holds you. Noticing that you can stop and breathe and listen. That you can simply sit under a tree and stare at the sky.

Make no mistake, this rest, this sitting still and staring: this is creative replenishment. It is necessary for the creative soul.

In fact, I am certain that creative ideas – whether they are character ideas, plot ideas, snippets of music or business concepts – these ideas will not bubble up from your deep self unless you take some time to rest.

Today, take the moments of rest where you find them. Linger over breakfast or lunch. If you have kids to pick up from sports, put the window down, feel the air on your skin while you wait.

Breathe. Breathe again. Rest. Wait. Your good work is being knit inside you, right now, right today, even when you do not notice.

You deserve to applaud yourself. And you deserve to rest.

Today’s prompt is…

I remember the evenings