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How are you going with the writing prompts, I wonder? You might now be noticing some themes emerging in the writing of those prompts.

The purpose of that daily writing prompt is to let you tune in to your instinct, tune in to the stories or characters or events waiting to be called forth. Each day, as you look at the prompt, you wait for an image. You begin to write. You follow the moment. You keep writing. And after a week, or after three weeks, you have pages of writing. Pages which start to reveal your own themes. What begins as a random assortment of words – a strange man wandering a city after sunset, a memory of the beach – begin, I hope, to reveal your own concerns, and the rhythms of your writing.

I hope, too, that if you are already further on with a work – or perhaps even doing a rewrite – that you will be finding that some of your characters turn up in new ways by using these prompts.

To be clear, and to revisit – the purpose of that daily writing time, and using that generative writing prompt, is to train your creative instinct. Daily practice in that way will heighten your ability to tune in to your own creative voice, your own vision.

And, most crucially, it trains you in writing in spite of the inner critic. It trains you in making mess on the page.

Today, you might want to pause and look at what you’ve made over these last four weeks.

You might want to read over some of the pages that you’ve written in response to those prompts. Print the pages if you’ve been working on a screen. Set yourself up in a lovely space. Read with curious pleasure.

Tune in to what’s being revealed – are there themes emerging? A character reappearing? Could the woman surfing in Bali be the same woman crunching leaves underfoot? Are there any natural connections?

The best writing bubbles up – it comes from within, not from external forces – and you are the only person who can deliver to the world your own particular vision.

I, for one, can’t wait to see the world through your eyes.

Today’s prompt…


Write about returning something