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Here we are, in our final week of Immersion. Before we wrap up at the end of this week, I want to invite you today to take a little time to think about what you’ve been writing over these last six weeks.

­­­­­­Today, I invite you to ponder your project. Take your journal (the loveliest one) and give yourself some time to consider what your project is – what it needs, and what it might be missing.

To help you with that, I’ve got some questions for you. I’m inviting you to sit with each question and journal around that question for as long as you need – a paragraph or a page, ten minutes or an hour. Whatever you need, take it.

Here are your questions:

Getting to the heart of your project

What is at the centre of your project? What is the thing that you are desperate to write about in this novel/memoir/story?

When you think about this project, what is it that gives you a physical jolt? What was the moment of inspiration?

Even if you don’t know what your project really is yet, you should know this, or be able to find it: what is it that you want to explore? What is the idea that matters to you?

What is the carrier for that idea? What concrete image or moment most exemplifies that idea?

Who is telling this story?
Why are they telling it?
Is it their story, or someone else’s?
What is the central problem of the story? (Even if this is non-fiction, you will need to consider what the central problem is.)

How will the story make that question even more urgent and important?

What does your main character/s know that they want?

What do they need but not know that they do?

What external things get in the way?

What internal things get in the way? Do they realise this?

What do they do to overcome/avoid/accommodate these obstacles?

What is the shape of the disaster that’s waiting if they don’t get what they want?


Today’s prompt…


Write about something being lost...