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Your seventh day is a day of rest, a day or replenishment. Sometimes, too, it can be a day of creating space. With silence, with solitude. Or with preparation.

I have a friend who spends her Sunday evenings cooking batch meals for the week ahead. A big pot of tomato sauce that becomes the base for soup, for lasagne, or for shakshuka. She makes great quantities of dhal or hoummos. She says that her Sunday night prep sometimes feels a little onerous, but then she thinks about how her Wednesday self will feel when she looks in the fridge and sees an already cooked frittata.

Preparing ahead, allowing Sunday’s you to lay the groundwork for Wednesday’s you, this is a nurturing act of love.

So, later today, please take some time to create the space Wednesday you will thank you for.

Prepare some food ahead. (I’m not great at this, but a frittata and a good soup cooked on a Sunday night means that my lunchtimes are a little more nurturing). More than food, though, take a moment to prepare your workspace, even if that workspace is one notebook and a pillow. Have your notepad in your bag ready to go, or your files already loaded. Clear your desk if you have one. Put a bunch of flowers where you write. Even one step towards the workspace you would like your future self to have is a step in the right direction.

Having dealt with food and space you can prepare your time, too. Take a moment to imagine your week ahead. When will you be able to get creative? When will you be able to write? What might get in your way? What can you do to minimise the resistance?

Think of this mindful preparation for the week ahead not as a task but as an act of recreation, a gift to the brilliant creator that you are.

Today’s Prompt:

When he woke, everything was different…