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How are you going with your daily writing prompts, I wonder?

I hope that you are beginning to remember your own creative instinct. I hope that you are casting aside the inner editor and making mess on the page. I hope that you are connecting playfully with your own voice.

At the heart of the Immersion program is the invitation to listen to your own still, small voice”. It’s built on lessons that I seem to need to learn again and again and again, and on understanding that it’s all within you already.

I don’t mean to sound too woo” when I say that. I simply mean that the obstructions to your own creativity are often the noise and clutter that block the ability to simply be quiet and wait.  

In that state – quiet receptivity, a sort of prayerful, attentive state – we can show our ideas that they are welcome”, to paraphrase the American writer Sarah Sentilles, and we can provide space for them to flourish.

So today, on our day of rest, sit in quiet. Try to create as much quiet as you can. Switch the radio or television off. Turn the music off for a while. If it’s possible, spend some time without conversation, and without reading a screen. Ideally, without even reading at all.

Just you and your breath and the quiet.

Because in the quiet your still, small voice” will have the space to speak.

Today’s prompt:

Someone is whispering