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If I could, I’d rock up with streamers and balloons and a marching band outside your window this morning, like a slightly annoying GIF. Because to me, nothing says celebration like a triumphant chorus outside your window at 6am.

But you might not thank me for that.

What does celebration look like for you?

Celebrating yourself and your creativity is a joyous, nurturing practice. Ten minutes sitting in the sun at the end of a good morning’s work can be a complete celebration if you allow it to be.

What ritual, ceremony or action marks celebration for you?

Take a moment to raise a glass to yourself. How would it feel to read some of the words you’ve written out loud? To enjoy the sound of them as they bounce around? Spend a little time reading over the list of achievements that you wrote yesterday. Allow yourself to notice each item and appreciate the energy that went into it. Too often our successes fly by without us noticing. Applaud yourself. That’s celebration.

I hope that you’ve found more joy and fluency in your creativity over these last weeks. I particularly hope that you’ve been able to notice and applaud your own precise brilliance – and that you will continue to cheer yourself on.

Know that you can return to these daily prompts at any time, either by calling on your inbox, or by accessing the website (remember, you can also go directly to the prompts if you prefer).

Today, as we wrap up the Immersion program, take time to celebrate – with or without a marching band. I’ll be here, cheering you on from the sidelines.


Today’s prompt:

The last time…